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16 march 2010, Verona. The Elle 17 agency won the bronze medal with the "Caffo Solara" Grand Triple Orange Liqueur at the 15th edition of the International Packaging Competition, in the "Packages of spirits or liqueurs made from fruit other than grapes" section.

logo international pack compeThe opportunity arose thanks to the innovative graphics created for a new Liquor by the Distilleria Caffo (Caffo Distillery), a sweet and aromatic orange liqueur based on brandy aged in oak barrels, originally intended only for the American market.

"This award - said Sebastiano Caffo – is worth double. We were the only Calabrian company in the competition and we received an award for work carried out by a young and dynamic agency from our region, called Elle17, which proves that it’s not necessary to look far afield to find quality".

The jury, composed of designers, art directors, journalists, winemakers and marketing experts, selected 203 samples divided into 9 categories, privileging the innovative labels and traditional bottles that best represented the culture and tradition of wine and spirits.

Elle17 Comunicazione Integrata

What they say about us

  • We needed a change, the "fatigue" that had surfaced in our relationships with other agencies lead to us "having a look around" and we discovered Elle17 not too far away. Four years have passed since that day and we are yet to tire of having them by our side. Experience, professionalism, creativity, dialogue, attention to new trends in communication and lots of passion are the characteristics that continue to make us choose Elle17. We are the kind of entrepreneurs who believe that advertising is the best investment for the growth of our company and, for Villa Fabiano, Elle17 is one of the best investments in recent years.

    Flora Fabiano – Villa Fabiano Palace Hotel, Fabiano SPA


  • Award Parola d’impresa 2015
  • Openart Award 2015
  • Award Parola d’impresa 2015

    "San Marzano aiutami tu (“Help me, San Marzano") was only meant to be the accompanying slogan of the Borsci San Marzano advertising campaign. A product from the south of Italy and well-known for its unique flavour, as well as for use in confectionery, which risked disappearing from the market before being taken over by the Caffo group.

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  • Openart Award 2015

    2015 was a year of great satisfactions because we become accustomed to victories, the kind that follow years of sacrifice and months on end of preparation. One of them bears the name "OpenArtAward", an advertising award.

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  • Award Parola d’impresa 2015
  • Openart Award 2015



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